Real World Scholars ( a San Diego-based 501c3) is on a mission to provide students real world skills through real world entrepreneurial experience. This year we designed Wicked, an online digital platform that will allow any class that makes something the ability to operate a business right from their classroom.

The Wicked platform consists of a customized website for each class to sell their products coupled with back-end educational tools for teachers to manage student activity. To supplement the Wicked platform, Real World Scholars provides funding needed for supplies, curricular and mentor support. Simply put, we work with you to make it work.

Whether its art, chemistry, or wood-shop, we work with your class to build their very own company in a way that will seamlessly adapt with your existing curriculum. We understand that each class is unique. That’s why we work with every teacher to help craft a program that fits their needs.

All proceeds from the student run company goes back to the class, or to any charity. Next year we will pilot 10 schools with $2,500 in funding, and a partnership with our team to make your Wicked company a Wicked success.