Here at Real World Scholars, we’re preparing students for Creative Industries, ones where creativity, knowledge, and information are the currency. As some of the fastest growing industries in the world, Creative Industries are dependent on human innovation – industries like advertising, design, software development, publishing, and art. To get the job done, we’re building an online platform that will help students become creative entrepreneurs and in the process provide schools with money needed for the class.

With The World of Wicked Marketplace, our safe e-commerce platform, students and classes can sell their creations online, and all proceeds go directly to the classroom - simple as that.

This means that whether it’s a chemistry class making soap or a pottery class making bowls, students can sell on The World of Wicked Marketplace and learn business basics like marketing and accounting. And students that thrive on the Wicked Marketplace will have the opportunity to develop their creative and entrepreneurial skills with more structure and resources through our Wicked Summer Program (details to come).

Start early. STARTUP. Start now.